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Worcester Energy is a municipal initiative with the following goals: 

  1. To lead by example and improve the energy efficiency and increase renewable energy production of municipal operations;
  2. To communicate the City's efforts related to energy and sustainability; and
  3. To provide local relevant information in order to encourage residents, businesses and institutions throughout the city to save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

Please join us! Together, WE can make a difference.

Leading By Example

The City of Worcester has a strong record of reducing energy use by its municipal operations, investing in solar energy, switching to more sustainable sources of electricity, and increasing recycling rates... Learn more

Sustainability in the Community

Accomplishments by Worcester’s residents, businesses and institutions are bringing us closer to a healthier and more sustainable future... Learn more

Take Action!

Local resources to help you save energy and money... Learn more

Current Projects:

  • Green Worcester Plan

    During 2019-2020, the city will develop a comprehensive and holistic Green Worcester Plan to bring sustainability values to all aspects of city life, with a goal of finalazing it for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020! Please let us know what you think about sustainability in Worcester by taking the online survey!

  • Worcester Community Choice (Electric) Aggregation

    The City of Worcester is developing a group electricity purchasing program called Worcester Community Choice Aggregation, which will allow the city to take a big step forward toward its sustainability goals and will offer its residents and businesses greater control over the price and environmental characteristics of their electricity supply.

  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Planning

    The City held a public Listening Session on Thursday, June 13th, 2019. Key Findings from the draft Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan can be found here!

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